Social Engagement

Social engagement drives today’s Internet in many ways. Most of us interact with friends and family through social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many of us connect to these sites while on the go thanks to our smart phones. For business, social media opens up a host of opportunities for marketing and interaction.


There are thousands of “social media” gurus out there who will gladly take your advertising dollars, create a host of automated tweets and posts and then pay a robot handler to add a bunch of fake followers to your lists and claim they’ve boosted your business. The reality? They’ve done little to boost your bottom line and a lot to hurt your online credibility.


Here at Grip’d, we aren’t “social media” gurus. We’re experts at social engagement. What’s the difference? Simple. “Social media” experts and gurus are no better than your 12-year-old nephew posting on your behalf using a robot tool. This does nothing to engage, it just creates filler that most of your followers (those who are real people, anyway) will either ignore or, worse, walk away from. Social engagement is not just posting interesting things to your timelines and feeds and adding a lot of fake followers through robots. Instead, it’s about actually interacting with and engaging your audience so it grows naturally and organically like a human-based network should. You may not get 1,000 followers overnight, but every new follower you do get will be an interested friend who will share your posts with others, creating a network of relationships that benefit everyone. This is akin to sales clerks in a store standing behind the counter and randomly throwing products at passerby. Not exactly effective.


Entrusting your social engagement to Grip’d means that you’ll see improvement to your bottom line over time as trust and relationships blossom thanks to meaningful networking rather than blind following. People will see your products and services as higher quality than the competition, all because you’ve created meaningful connections with your network. It’s akin to the sales clerk in the store who actively approaches customers and offers help. Far more effective than the “shotgun method” of the gurus.


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