Search Engine Optimization is the art of blending good, quality content with the proper use of keywords and phrases that search engines use to index pages and websites for those searching for them. The old SEO methods of stuffing pages with semi-relevant keyphrases and building “capture” pages purely to trick search engines into thinking your site is full of relevant content are long past. Although these methods are still used by some less scrupulous marketers, over the long term they destroy your site’s credibility and rankings.


Good SEO ranks a site highly in search engines based on true merit. A site that is full of useful content, has good social interaction, and on which visitors tend to spend a lot of time are far more beneficial for everyone involved (owner, user, search engine) than are spam sites filled with useless keyword stuffing. Over the long term, a site with quality content will always win out over a site whose content is bunk.


Sure, some of the gimmicks used by so-called SEO experts can boost your site rankings.. for a while. Over time, though, your reputation and ranking will fall quickly. SEO is and should be about long-term growth, not instant results based on questionable methods.


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